Darius Audio is committed to promotion and provision of outstanding and unique high fidelity equipment in the Benelux. Each one of the products offered by Darius Audio has been carefully tested in order to ensure that it adheres to the highest standards of quality, technological innovation and durability.



  • Legacy Audio loudspeaker systems
  • AudioSolutions loudspeakers
  • Rogue Audio amplification


Legacy Audio is an industry leader in applying digital signal processing to correct for room variations due to resonances, reflections and reverberation. Legacy speakers boast radiation patterns that are strategically configured for your room. As you move upwards in the Legacy speaker line, you can be certain of several trends: distortion will decrease, transient speed will increase, frequency extension will increase and directivity will be more controlled…..read more


AudioSolutions are quite well-established in Eastern Europe and Germany; they operate out of a 350-square-meter factory. Based in Lithuania, they’ve been in business for five years now. The founder and chief designer is a young buck named Gediminas Gaidelis, who began studying loudspeakers in 2003, and in the course of time learned that speaker design and manufacture are as much art as engineering. He formally launched AudioSolutions in the summer of 2011….


Rogue Audio… An Intelligent Indulgence! Rogue amplifier designs combine the finest in tube circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layouts to achieve superior performance. The ineluctable outcome of the persistent attention that Rogue Audio has devoted to the integrity of the audio signal path and its recognition of the fundamentality of power supplies to any superior amplifier design is that even the most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through Rogue amplifiers…read more