Vantage is the no-compromise loudspeaker from AudioSolutions, their finest achievement to date. It is the result of nearly three years of unremitting and fully-committed efforts in research and development. With its meticulous fine-tuning capacities, its premium drivers, sophisticated cabinet design, and precision polished Xirallic® finish, Vantage competes with loudspeakers that cost 4 times its price.


For a completely resonance-free and inert construction, Vantage boasts a special 10-layer sandwich which includes several layers of stiff and porous wood from ochroma pyramidale, commonly known as the balsa tree. Its cabinet walls, which are all essentially curved and non-parallel, reach 42 mm in thickness at critical points and are further re-enforced by extensive and meticulous bracing. All this is complemented by special damping material and damping techniques in order to invest Vantage with pure musicality.

Components of highest quality and reliability such as Jantzen Superior Z-Cap capacitors and Mills resistors, just to name a few, have been employed in the highly customisable and unique crossover network.

The jewel in the crown of Vantage is the special Satori™ wide-range driver. Some of the important characteristics of this unique driver are as follows:

  • Vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis for optimum strength and low compression

  • Proprietary cone material with EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS™ fibres

  • Soft low damping rubber surround for optimum transient response

  • Advanced BIMAX spider for improved linearity

  • Powerful optimized low-distortion neodymium motor system

  • Non-conducting fibre glass voice-coil former for minimum damping

  • Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low inductance and reduced distortion

  • CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass

A tweeter with the unique AirCirc 6 neodymium magnet system allows the high frequencies to materialise flawlessly whereas two sliced-paper cone symmetrical woofers render the lower frequencies. The addition of a down-firing aluminium subwoofer to the mixture culminates in Vantage having the impressive bandwidth of 21–30000 Hz.

Last but not least, Vantage loudspeakers are treated with four layers of primer, followed by four layers of Xirallic® paint and varnish. Numerous rigorous polishing rounds ensure that the final product is absolutely free of any blemishes and imperfections.


System Type: 5 driver, 4 way
AirCirc 6 silk dome tweeter
17 cm Egyptian Papyrus driver with advanced BIMAX spider
Midwoofer: 2 x 18 cm SPC drivers
Subwoofer: 26 cm aluminium driver
Frequency Response:
21–30000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (Room, dB@2.83V/1m): 92
Crossover Frequency: 50 Hz; 200 Hz; 10000 Hz
Binding Posts: 3 pairs
Recommended Amplification: 300 Watts
Weight: 70 kg each
Dimensions with Plinth: 1490 mm H x 481 mm W x 764 mm D
Dimensions without Plinth: 1434 mm H x 347 mm W x 564 mm D



Standard Finishes: any colour included in colour matching systems RAL and NCS, in matt.

Exclusive Finishes: any colour included in colour matching systems RAL and NCS, in gloss


Standard Finish:  € 33,000.00
Exclusive Finish: € 38,000.00

Price per pair (incl. BTW)